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Jack & Jill Kids Sale

Seasonal Consignment Sale

Q&A at bottom:

Now that you have completed registration and have your consignor ID # I am sure you are asking yourself what do I do next??? Below are some very important steps on how to properly prepare your items for sale:

Supplies Needed:

-hangers (shirt hangers from cleaners are the sturdier and lighter)

-safety pins

-masking and scotch tape

-ziploc bags (if needed)

-white card stock paper (for tags)

How To Prepare Your Items:

First off you should know that the better your items look the more money you will get for them and the faster they will sell! All items should be freshly laundered and free of stains. If you pin items early, I suggest storing the items in a closed plastic tub with dryer sheets until the sale.

How to use the bar coded tags:

There are two ways to go about tagging. We have a bar coded tagging program online. If you log in with your consignor number and password, below where you select your drop off time, there is a link "work with my consigned inventory" this means what you want to work with the items you want to sell. This link will send you to your inventory home page and you want to select your active inventory meaning, what you want to sell at THIS sale versus inactive meaning past sales. You will go to a drop down menu and you enter your items here... size, category (ie shoes, toys, etc), a couple of word description of what is it (ie Stride Rite sneakers), enter the price you want to sell it for and check if you want it to be discounted 1/2 price on Saturday. Do this with all your items. If you want to stop and come back later, just select "I'm finished for now". When you have entered all your items, go back to the "inventory home page" and under the active and inactive links, you will see an option to print tags. They will already be filled out ready to pin and this will be loaded it on our computer for the sale so we know what you are selling.

All tags must be printed on card stock paper.


Price above garage sale items and just below consignment shop prices. Price a fair amount that you would pay. Use 50 cent increments (ex. $2.00, $2.50, or $3.00, etc) and price starting at $1.00. When creating your tags, you will have the option of marking your items for discount on Saturday (50% off day).

Safety Pins:

Use safety pins to pin your tags on clothing and other fabric items. If you have clothing hung on hangers. Please no tiny gold ones! They aren't very strong. NO STRAIGHT PINS ...OUCH! If you use straight pins, your items will not be accepted. Also, please be careful with larger safety pins on delicate fabrics so that when the pin comes out, it doesn't leave a large hole.

Keep our Kids Safe!***Important! ***

You must go through your items for recalls to help ensure the safety of our children. We all love a bargain but not at the expense of our children's safety. If we find that an item has been recalled, we will pull it from the floor but we need your help.


Please try to get the smell out. They may need to be Febreezed after they are washed.

Blankets & Bedding:

Must be in excellent condition free of odors, stains, lots of fade and wear, or torn. You can choose depending on the item if you would like to hang the bedding/blankets or you can put them in a bag all together as a set and tag the outside.

Clothing (Fall & Winter in the Fall and Spring & Summer in the Spring):

Safety pin. Pants should be pinned at the top of the hanger on each side of the waist, NOT the bottom of the hanger. Clothes must be washed, snaps snapped, buttons buttoned and zippers zipped. No stains, holes, tears, faded and worn, or really outdated clothing will be accepted! When selecting your items to bring to the sale, you should keep a donation box close by. If you think that an item is not something you would buy for your own child it is probably not suitable for us. Please hang all clothing facing toward you so the hanger is positioned in the shape of a '?'. This is so the buyers can see all the clothes facing them when looking through a rack. When pinning outfits and sets, hang the top on the hanger and pin the second to the back side of the hanger so it is easier to see for the buyers.

Items by Season:

Most items are accepted year round but certain things like clothing are limited by season. Items that are accepted only in the Spring sale are items such as Easter clothes, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, bathing suits, pool/sand toys, and swim floats. Items that are only accepted in the Fall sale are items such as Halloween costumes, Christmas outfits, coats, sweaters, long sleeved shirts, long pants, materials such as corduroy, velvet, gloves/mittens, scarfs/winter hats, and snow gear.


Please try and pin them together as a group or secure them in a bag with the tag taped to the OUTSIDE. PLEASE don't hide bibs with stains in the middle, this is very frustrating for buyers.


Pin the tag on them.


You can either hang them on a hanger for easy viewing or enclose them in a bag with the tag taped to the outside.


We accept a limited amount of Juniors size clothing that is high school age appropriate. Please make sure that the items you are selling are fashionable and "In Style". Teenagers are very picky. When tagging junior sizes clothes please use a number (1,3,5,7,9,11...) to tag bottoms such as jeans, shorts, and dresses. Please use the words, XS, S, Medium, Large, and XL for all tops and jackets.


We are now accepting Maternity, up to 10 items per consignor. Please make sure these are in style, and in good condition.


We will only be take shoes in like new or excellent condition.They need to be held together either by zip ties, string, or safety pins. Please pin tags securely on the shoes so they will not fall off. DO NOT put shoes in bags or boxes as these will be separated with the vigorous shopping.

Socks, Accessories, Hair Bows, and Small Toys:

All small items and accessories must be put into clear plastic Ziploc baggies with the tag securely taped to the outside. You can choose if you would like to tape the baggies shut so it secures the items from being lost or stolen.

DVD's, Games, and CD's:

All must be in working condition free of scratches and must be original copies nothing home made or burned. Please include original cases as well so the buyer can know what they are buying and look at the content of the item. Tape all tags to the back side of the DVD/Games so the front is visible. Please make sure that the disk inside is the same as the cover. This can upset a little girl if she buys a Princess DVD and gets a Barney. We will NO longer accept VHS tapes.


Make sure that all car seats, strollers, highchairs, exersaucers, and like items are clean. If the item is stained, even if it is clean, it will be rejected. Please don't sell your old dried food residue with your equipment. The new owner will add plenty of their own. Car Seats MUST be less than 5 years old BY LAW!!! There should be a manufacturers date and/or expiration date on the car seat.

Furniture, Swings, Playpens, etc:

Please set these up when you get to the drop off. When buyers see how the item looks all put together, it will sell faster. If this is not possible, please at least make sure that all the parts, pieces and/or manuals are included. If the item is missing ANY hardware, it can not be sold. As of July 1, 2011, Federal law prohibits the sale of ANY dropside crib, new or used. We will still take non-dropside cribs.

Home Decor:

We will continue to accept limited home decor items. Included in this category but not limited to furniture, small kitchen appliances, bed linens and bedding, bathroom decor, framed photos. Please remember this is not a garage sale and items MUST be in VERY GOOD or LIKE NEW condition. Everything should be clean and in style. Anything that you would find at a Home Goods store! If you bring a lot of breakable items, please join us during breakdown to wrap those items and put them in your own bins.


The best way to sell these are to wrap them in saran wrap and tape the tag to the outside. This ensures that the puzzle will remain intact with all it's pieces yet buyers can see what it is.

Stuffed Animals:

Name Brand Character Stuffed Animals Only (Barney, Disney, Dora, etc...) - ONLY 10 PER SELLER.


Must be clean and in working condition. Please do not bring anything that requires batteries without supplying the batteries. The items will sell faster and for more money if the seller can see exactly how the item works. All puzzles, board games, etc must include all pieces. Please tape price tag securely to tall toys.


Must be in good condition with all pages intact and not damaged. Please tape tags to the backside of the books or anywhere where you think it will be safe. Remember that tape can tear some book covers so keep that in mind before you tag them. If they are sets, you can put them in a baggie or rubber band them together. Masking tape works best for books - it's easily removable without damaging the covers.

Ladies clothing:

We invite you to bring your best 10 women clothing items and 5 pairs of shoes.

All Other Items:

Please make sure that you securely tag each individual item appropriately because if the tag falls off or gets lost we can no longer sell the items unless the correct tag is found.



  • Earn more money than selling at consignment shops
  • Sell your items quickly
  • Less hassle than listing/selling/shipping items on eBay
  • Earn 70-85% of sales - see "Team Members" page for the new incentives!
  • Sell multiple items easily.
  • You do not have to be present at the sale to sell your items. You tag them at home, drop them off to us, and we do the rest.


We take almost all types of products for infants through pre-teens. 

  • Clothing and shoes (sizes preemie/NB through juniors)
    • Spring Sale - only Spring/Summer clothing allowed
    • Fall Sale - only Fall/Winter clothing allowed (No T-Shirts)
    • All Seasons Sale - bring EVERYTHING!
  • Toys, games and puzzles.
  • Indoor and outdoor play equipment and ride-on.
  • Nursery/Baby items (monitors, diaper pails, diaper bags, etc.)
  • Baby Equipment (high chairs, swings, strollers,
  • Bouncy chairs, exersaucers, etc.)
  • Linens - crib linens and children's linens.
  • Furniture - cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, etc.
  • Books, DVDs, Music.
  • Seasonal Items - Halloween costumes, Easter outfits, etc.
  • Stuffed Animals - only 10 new animals with tags and licensed characters (Elmo, Tigger, etc.) accepted.
  • Unused diapers. 


There will NOT be any dressing rooms available. No one will be allowed to try on clothing in the bathrooms. Junior and ladies clothing must be in style and meet our normal consignment standards. 


All consignors earn 70% of their items that sell less an admin fee.

There are new volunteers incentives. Please check the "Team Members" page!


Volunteers get to shop at 3 pm. Consignor preview is being moved up to 5 pm. There is also a consignor/volunteer 1/2 price preview night on Friday afternoon.


Depending on the space that we have, we might impose item limits. If not sure, please contact us.


In order to consign, you need to register. You can do that on the HOME PAGE of this website.


Your administration fee helps cover the cost of the location rental, advertising, and insurance. If you refer 2 friends, then your seller fee will be WAIVED!!


Once you have received your Consignor #, you can begin tagging your items. Once you register, you can refer to the above instructions on tagging your items. Here are the top highlights:

  • All clothing must be washed and hung on hangers.
  • All toys requiring batteries must have batteries (we will check them at your drop-off appointment.)
  • Any items that plug in will be checked at drop-off.
  • Each item must have a tag on it. Jack and Jill's want to ensure that all the products at the sale are clean and in working order. Therefore, we have detailed instructions on how to prepare your items. 


YES! NO re tagging required! We would like for you to use our tags and encourage you to, but don't require them. If you do want to use another sale's tags, please approve them by me. If you want to use a bar-coded tagging system, our system is great!! If you have a situation that you want to use a different tag, please contact me personally at [email protected]. Please let us know how your tags are marked for discounts and donations.


Yes you can transfer inventory to my sale but before you can, Sale 1 ( your other sale) has to upload their files. Until they have, their sale is still considered open and you don't want to transfer.

Step one: Sign into your (Sale 1) account and go to your consigned inventory homepage.

Step two: select the option to move inventory out ( this is below the print tags option)

Step three: Scroll down and select J&J Sale as the sale you transfer to and then input your J&J consignor number and password and check to transfer all or check the items you want transferred. It might ask you to reenter your J&J password as it does with me.

Once this is done it will create a batch file that is sent to J&J but you aren't done yet.

Step four: Log in to J&J sale with your seller number and password and go to your consigned inventory homepage.

Step five: Once there, select the option to receive inventory in. Once you do this, you are ready to go, if you don't receive the inventory in, then your inventory is not transferred.

Once our sale is over and closed, you can follow the same procedure in reverse to transfer back or to another MSM sale in the area. You can add more items to our sale before or after transferring items, it doesn't matter. If the sales aren't linked meaning you can't find the sale on the transfer to menu, email both sale owners and ask if they can link.


No, only normal size safety pins. No small gold pins please. They do not hold up well and break easily. Please, please, please do not use straight pins! Ouch! Items secured with staples or straight pins will be returned. has a box of 1440 sturdy #1 or #2 safety pins for only few dollars.


Each consignor chooses how they want to price their items. We recommend pricing your items 25-40% of original retail. That being said, the lower you price your items, the better they will sell. You should think about what you would pay for the items if you were buying them. At the sale, there is no negotiating the prices - the price on your tag is what it will be sold for. The last day of the sale is the 50% off sale day. It is up to you as the consignor to decide if you would like your items to be discounted on that day. If you do not want the item discounted please notate a "NR" after the price.


Please tag each piece and label the tag as '1 of 3', ' 2 of 3' etc as applies. Please write the price only on TAG 1. This is only on items that can be separated.. you don't need to do this on multiple piece clothing (dress and bloomers or shirt & shorts). For these items just write 2 pc set or 3 pc set on tag.


Upon registering, you can choose a drop-off appointment time. Drop-off should only take you about 15-30 minutes. Please bring your items in a tub or tote with your consignor number and name written on them. We will inspect all the items you bring to make sure there aren't any stains, rips, tears, and that all items are working. We kindly require that you put your items in the appropriate section of the store.


The tote/bin is to used to sort your items before and after the sale.


As a consignor, you get to shop the private pre-sale!!!! The pre-sale is the day before the public sale - so you get first pick of the merchandise!

All consignors get to come to the pre-sale. However, if you volunteer, you get into the pre-sale even earlier! (This is in addition to getting all the incentives for volunteering!) 


You must pick up any unsold items during the assigned pick up hours once the sale is over. This is TBD for each sale! If you do not want to or are not able to pick up your items on this day, your items will be donated for you. We choose the charity close to the event.


Consignor checks are mailed to you within 2 weeks after the sale. You do not need a self-addressed envelope as that is now included in the admin fee.

If you have any questions that were not answered, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call me at 770-757-4583.